Introduction to Development & Realisation

Alright so, one of the assignments for this new unit is to create a digital A2 Poster. Sounds easy? Nah, I have got to create a poster based on a subject and represent it through solely visual aspects. It actually sounds like a lot of fun. Throughout the six week unit, I will be researching and developing my ideas to create the poster and I will be using Adobe Illustrator to produce it (side note: I like illustrator and vectors are my jam).

In terms of the topic I’ll be basing my poster on, the question Where have you been and when? has really stuck out to me, simply because of how in depth I can go with it. The question is quite vague therefore I can choose to display the countries I have visited (side note 2: I haven’t travelled a whole lot so this would be quite a bland project) or where I have visited in Europe (side note 3: this makes much more sense to do seeing as I’ve explored more of Europe than anywhere else) or even my home town of London (side note 4: now that would be sick).

I came across this video which speaks about data visualisation in relation to design and how the user interacts with it. The video also touched upon the roots of map making and how the first instances of maps began with cartography whereby maps used to be scratched into stone.

Infographics were also mentioned, this is the visual representation of data to allow the user to view the information with ease. The following are some creative examples of infographics I have found. Even though they are text based and the brief says to use visual means, it is interesting to see how the designers have utilised colour and form to represent data.

love mapaboHistory of life R0ee3dad2d6a80949d9dafd29f350b283


Layer Masks & Camera Raw

For our first workshop on Photoshop we learnt about non-destructive editing, this is a process of editing that does not modify or change the original file.

We used something called Camera Raw (image right) which allows us to edit the image (exposure, temperature, clarity etc.) before it goes into a program like Photoshop. This is a fast and useful method of tuning photos. We then moved onto utilising layer masks in Photoshop to organise and crop images, I have done something to this before and I’m kinda familiar with it, however I have not used PS on a Mac and therefore learnt may different shortcuts to improve efficiency on the program. Below is my outcome.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 23.37.29

Group Photo Task

This task was essentially a cheesy ice breaker for everyone in seminar group b to get to know each other and explore a bit of Bournemouth. Lo and behold, ice was broken. We set out to take group photos around Bournemouth, rushing from location to location and asking random people to take the pictures for us.

It began at the University Reception and ended with a drink in the Harvesters overlooking the beach. It was fun experience and a great way to view Bournemouth.

20140924_155442~2 20140924_153244~2 20140924_145727~2 20140924_142019~2 20140924_141022~2

*oh and we actually won a prize for this, shoutout to all my group b peeps and Mik for the free chocolate!

Starting things

I don’t know how to begin this so I’m just gonna go for it.

Hi, my name is Javaid Haujee (if the heading wasn’t clear enough). I am currently studying Digital Media Design at Bournemouth University and so far I’m enjoying it, well… the media theory stuff is quite daunting and slightly boring but I’m sure it’ll get better.

In terms of adjusting to Uni life, my flatmates are all legends and I’m getting along with all of them (except Carla). I can cook, but it’s just incredibly long for man. Sleep. That’s something I need to sort out. I also need to wrap my head around these buses, I am really not used to them, the bus drivers are so friendly!

Yeah so, all in all it’s fun! I really cannot complain about anything, I mean… we have a bloody beach down the road, that’s so sick!