Illustrator VS Inkscape

Cutting right to the chase, I don’t like Inkscape – nope nope nope just not a fan. It’s just so fiddly and unnecessary, I much prefer Adobe Illustrator partially due to the fact that I’ve used it before and I’m quite familiar with it. However I simply could not warm to Inkscape.

Below is an experimentation with Inkscape, just messing around with shapes and tools to see what I could create. On a whole I didn’t like the functionality of Inkscape, it all felt quite foreign to me and I did not like the feel.


The following is an experimentation with Ai, I was trying to get used to using it on a Mac as I used to use a PC when using the software. It was quite helpful to know all the shortcuts that could increase efficiency in the long run. The below vector is a result of me messing around with the arrangements of shapes and the circle and lines was made using something called ‘Blend’. It’s fast way of creating many shapes within a certain area.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 01.15.51


Layer Masks & Camera Raw

For our first workshop on Photoshop we learnt about non-destructive editing, this is a process of editing that does not modify or change the original file.

We used something called Camera Raw (image right) which allows us to edit the image (exposure, temperature, clarity etc.) before it goes into a program like Photoshop. This is a fast and useful method of tuning photos. We then moved onto utilising layer masks in Photoshop to organise and crop images, I have done something to this before and I’m kinda familiar with it, however I have not used PS on a Mac and therefore learnt may different shortcuts to improve efficiency on the program. Below is my outcome.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 23.37.29