So i’m starting to develop some designs, just using trial and error to see what looks good and what needs improving.

In this instance I was looking out one of the main components of the poster, the actual map of London. I’m not worrying too much about the layout of the composition because that will be sorted out at a later date once I have everything designed, I’ll look into the different ways of laying it all out.

I mentioned the use of polygons and tessellation in the mind maps I did , I wanted to work with this theme in the the following designs. However, I first wanted to see how a smooth outline worked as a apposed to a jagged more abstract one.

For the jagged design I skipped several curves and went with instinct on where I think the lines should go, rather than focusing on the true outline. (The stars on the maps below are the markers I have set on places I have been, I will add more as I go along.)

outline 1outline 2 outline 2 fullVerdict: Even though the smooth outline is more true to the actual map, the jagged design looks more appealing. I feel as though it looks quite minimal and contemporary. I may need to tweak it however just to see what looks best.


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