Kokeshi Doll Experiment

For this little experiment we were tasked to use our software of choice to recreate a Kokeshi Doll vector we found online. I used Illustrator for this, the image below is the reason why I gave up on Inkscape as I am just not used to the controls and it feels quite restrictive.

kokeshi inkscape

So as you can clearly see, me and Inkscape just do not get along and therefore I will be using Ai for the rest of this project. I tried recreating a Kokeshi doll I found online using Ai just to see how comfortable I am forming certain shapes. The image to the left is what I found online and my recreation is on the right. (You can click on it to enlarge)

kokesit ai


I mainly used circle to create the shapes for this piece, the reason I used the shape tool over the pen tool was that I am able to make perfectly round objects. The pen tool requires far too much precision to make such shapes, but I did sacrifice the minor details in the cheek highlight; the one on the left is slightly pointer on one end as apposed to my version which is an oval.

The hardest bit to make I would say were the flower petals on her gown, it what just a bit fiddly to make sure all the objects were grouped. I found that scaling a stroked object does not affect the stroke, therefore I had to change that afterwards.


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