Illustrator VS Inkscape

Cutting right to the chase, I don’t like Inkscape – nope nope nope just not a fan. It’s just so fiddly and unnecessary, I much prefer Adobe Illustrator partially due to the fact that I’ve used it before and I’m quite familiar with it. However I simply could not warm to Inkscape.

Below is an experimentation with Inkscape, just messing around with shapes and tools to see what I could create. On a whole I didn’t like the functionality of Inkscape, it all felt quite foreign to me and I did not like the feel.


The following is an experimentation with Ai, I was trying to get used to using it on a Mac as I used to use a PC when using the software. It was quite helpful to know all the shortcuts that could increase efficiency in the long run. The below vector is a result of me messing around with the arrangements of shapes and the circle and lines was made using something called ‘Blend’. It’s fast way of creating many shapes within a certain area.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 01.15.51


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