Here are some mind maps I did to get some ideas down onto paper, I doubt I’ll use all of them but it serves as a good way to experiment and see what works best.  Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

If you’re not bothered to read through my scribbles, here’s a summary of my ideas:

I’ve chosen the subject ‘where have I and when?’ and I have decided to focus on London, this just allows more data to be represented. I want to touch upon the Space and Time of my time in London so I need to find a way of showing the period of time I spent at certain locations as well as accurately displaying them on a map. This bring me to my next point, I will be representing this like a map and so this will require research into cartography and map making to ensure that I can design something that is in scale to London.

I made the decision to scrap showing small things such as corner shops and small restaurants as I want to focus more on how my travels would be represented on map and I am quite lazy. Things such as school, work home, tourist spots, leisure will take up the main chunk of the poster, I will weave in other things that I find interesting, but this will require further research into where I have been (I will be marking this using Google Maps as it has a method of tagging multiple locations.

Some of the design choices include using only greyscale to show the data, I just thought this will be a refreshing way to design my poster as most infographics are deeply saturated. This has also lead me to the idea of using heat maps to show where I have been and the darker the grey, the longer I have spent at that location. I of course want everything to be clear and concise and so I am attempting a minimalistic style for the poster, this is so the information transmits with ease. I am also going to looking into pointillism to show the size of certain ares and the time spent there.

I had the idea of creating the map out of polygons or through tessellation to show everything in a unique way. Another weird idea I had was to show the journey I take between places similar to that of the tube maps, but instead it looks like a web with thicker lines to show how often I take that route.

I will be conducting more researching and sketching a whole lot more throughout this process, these are just some initial idea and what not.


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